Where Can I Find Resources for the National Cyber League Games?

This is a legitimate question, one that I am asked all the time. The short answer is that you have already found what I consider the best resource: this blog. It is the whole reason I started this – this entire website is sort of dedicated to creating content to help you get ready for the games.

But all unnecessary sarcasm aside, if you are new, welcome! I polled the rest of the National Cyber League (NCL) Player Ambassadors and the NCL Board of Directors, and this is our comprehensive list of resources.

CryptoKait’s Blog

Here are some key stops you should check out:

This list continues to grow every day as the NCL Player Ambassadors write new content. Feel free to scroll through all of our work by hitting “Home” on the navigation bar above.

Cyber Skyline

Cyber Skyline is the platform where the games our hosted. The team behind Cyber Skyline are the Game-makers who design all of the challenges. They have two main resources.

  • The NCL Practice Gym (which you can only access if you are registered for the current season of NCL and it is only open for the season). Here write-ups are available for all of the challenges in the Gym.
  • Cyber Skyline Slack channel where you can talk to other players and even the Cyber Skyline Game-makers if you are lucky! Unfortunately, this is pretty quiet in between games.

Live Coaching Shows

You can find all of the Live shows on our CrowdCast channel. I definitely recommend following this channel. It’s some of my favorite content that we produce and I love having players hang out with us LIVE!

  • The NCL Player Ambassadors hold Live Coaching for students every Thursday at 8pm ET. Once the show is over, it is stored on the channel and can be re-watched later.
  • The NCL Player Ambassadors and NCL Commissioner, Dan Manson, hold Live Coaches Calls every Tuesday at 3pm ET for coaches to discuss specific topics that help them to advise players, purchase game codes, etc.

National Cyber League Website / Social Media

This seems obvious, but people forget!

Whatever you do, don’t miss these great resources from NCL:

Player Ambassador Additional Recommendations

These are some of the resources the collective Player Ambassadors have used when they were learning to play in the Games!

Player Ambassadors on Social Media

You should definitely take a moment to meet all of the NCL Player Ambassadors and follow them on the appropriate social media of your choice! Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you. Click their names to find out more about each Ambassador! [Updated January 12, 2021, by Taisa (who is not on social media).]

Alright friends, I think I covered all the good stuff. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below. It’s currently 2am. It’s very likely I missed something. If your comment is an awesome resource, you might just get a shout out on our next live show! Thanks a bunch.

A Very Sleepy CryptoKait

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