Player Ambassador Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board


All aspiring professionals should have a positive and approachable pathway into Cybersecurity with support, enthusiasm, and opportunity for success.

Promote diversity and inclusion in the Information Security and Technology industry via outreach, guidance, compassion, through the NCL Games in a way that makes learning accessible to everyone.

Friends, Colleagues and Businesses,

The National Cyber League (NCL) Player Ambassadors are pleased to announce we are accepting applications for our newly formed volunteer Player Ambassador Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board (PA-DIAB).

Organizations with diversity and inclusion missions, programs or initiatives in the information security and technology industry are invited to join PA-DIAB. We want to ensure that our players have every opportunity for success and know they are welcome with open arms into our ever-growing community of entry-level industry professionals.

Each participating organization is expected to offer at least one volunteer representative who can attend monthly planning meetings, each of which typically lasts one to two hours. During these meetings, we will address Player Ambassador programs, initiatives and efforts. This PA-DIAB will help provide experience, perspective and advice to ensure that we meet our organizational vision and mission listed above.

Each organization that joins PA-DIAB will have their logo and website represented on both the NCL Player Ambassador homepage and NCL Player Ambassador website.

The NCL Player Ambassadors represent players’ perspectives and goals, which they present to NCL leadership. A position on PA-DIAB does not replace or substitute any partnership with NCL. Furthermore, Player Ambassadors can elect to support the efforts or requests of the PA-DIAB and provide additional support to any organizational efforts. Player Ambassadors also can bring partnership discussions and opportunities to the NCL board as needed or requested by the PA-DIAB.

To request joining PA-DIAB, please have an authorized representative of the organization fill out the Google form HERE.

Submit any questions, comments or concerns to

*Please note: Schools and educational institutions are not eligible to join at this time.