The following are the workshops that I currently offer as well as downloadable materials related to the topic.

N00bSec to Cyber-Champion: Hacking the National Cyber League for Success

Description: This workshop is an introduction to collegiate cybersecurity competitions through the National Cyber League (NCL). Participants will be guided through a Capture-the-Flag style Hack-a-thon using an extensive list of tips and tools that guarantee success. By working through hands-on challenges, ranging from Open Source Intel to Cryptography to Network Traffic Analysis and more, participants will gain exposure to the skill sets needed to succeed in NCL. Finally, yet importantly, the participants will be provided with access to the necessary resources to implement an NCL team when they return to their university. Developed through a personal journey from a non-technical background to an NCL champion, cybersecurity instructor, and cyber team coach, this hands-on workshop will highlight how NCL’s skill assessment strengthens students’ professional development.

*This workshop is supported by Pace University’s CyberCorps, Scholarship for Service program, and the General Electric Women in Technology grant to Pace University.


CryptoKait’s National Cyber League Coaching Guide

This in-development section of my site is to make my NCL Coaching Guide more accessible to players and coaches alike. With quick links for easy navigation, you can navigate directly to your section of interests. Some challenges will allow you to check your answers (while others are still in development). This is a great first resource with more content coming soon!


Crypto Kait’s Introduction to Cryptography

With a username like CryptoKait, I figure, at some point, I write my own “Introduction to Cryptography Guide.” This focuses on historical cryptography relevant to the National Cyber League Competition. In my NCL Coaching Guide, I reference this workshop’s materials to cover everything you need to know for getting started in Cryptography in NCL.