How Do I Register and Pay for Students?

So you are a teacher, faculty, or moderator – a Coach – with a group of cyber security students interested in the National Cyber League (NCL) Games. Welcome to the community! We’re excited for you to get involved. Now that you’ve made the decision to be involved in the NCL Games, how do you register and pay for your students?


First of all, everyone needs to register, Coaches and Players, but only Players pay (or need to be paid for) because only students participate in the NCL Games. To register, everyone must first make an account through Cyber Skyline. After your account is made and your email is confirmed, register for the season here. When students register is determined by how their Game Codes are being paid for. The cost per player is $35, which includes access to the Gymnasium, Preseason, Individual Game, and Team Game.

My students are paying individually. What do they do?

They will each create a new Student Player account or sign into their Cyber Skyline accounts. From there, they’ll go to the NCL event registration page and select “I need to purchase my own Game Code,” as seen below, and pay for their own Game Codes.

What if I am paying for their Game Codes directly?

After you register, you will have the option to purchase Game Codes, and you can purchase as many as you need for students. You will receive those Game Codes and will be able to distribute them as you please. Students will then go to the registration page, click on Student Player, select “I have a Game Code from my faculty coach,” as seen above, and enter the Game Code you provided to them.

My school is paying for the Game Codes and needs to know the cost first. How does that work?

No sweat! All you have to do is email the NCL Financial Director, Dr. Costis Toregas, at, detailing how many students will be participating and request an invoice. Costis will then send you an invoice for that many students. You give the invoice to your school. Then, your school either writes a check and sends it to the NCL or sends the NCL a Purchase Order, which is a promise to pay. The NCL works on an honor system and will release the Game Codes in the event of a Purchase Order, trusting in the school’s promise to pay. If payment is not received, the Game Codes will be deactivated.

What if I don’t know how many students exactly will be participating?

Again, email Costis and tell him that you will be needing a Blanket Purchase Order for up to X number of students. Once you know the exact number of students, tell Costis the number of students you have, and he will send you an invoice for those students. Game Codes are only provided for the number of students who are definitely playing in the NCL Games.

Registration is about to end or it has just ended and I have not started the process of trying to register my students. Is it too late?

No! We have a late registration period that lasts for several days after registration ends. The cost of registration at that point, however, does increase to $45 per student. After the late registration period ends, it is too late to register students. We recommend getting this done as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

I, or my school, have purchased a bulk number of Game Codes? How do I distribute these Codes to my students?

When you get a batch of Game Codes, how you distribute them is up to you. Just keep track of which Code goes to which student so that there is no confusion going forward. A Game Code can only be used once. Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet with all the Game Codes in column A and the student I gave the code to in column B!

And with that, you should be in a great place to register and pay for your students! Have a great season!

Much of the information detailed here, and more in this blog about registering and paying, can also be found in our CrowdCast session: How to Make Group Payments For Your NCL Team.

If you want more information on how the NCL works, visit our info page, and if you have more questions, check out our FAQs page. Are you not finding answers to your questions there? Email us at, and you’ll receive those answers. Also connect with other players, Coaches, and the NCL Player Ambassadors via the Cyber Skyline Slack.

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