How to Use Your Coach’s Link

If you are not a registered Coach for the National Cyber League (NCL), make sure to go to to sign up for an account. Choose the “Faculty Coach” option, and you are set.

Observation Link

Every Coach has an Observation Link that players can link to. This allows the Coach to become one of the (possibly many) Coaches for that player. The Coach can view the player’s NCL Season information—this includes the Gymnasium, Preseason, Individual, and Team Games. The Coach can view each challenge solved, number of attempts, accuracy, and so on. Coaches can use this information to understand which modules players are doing well in and which modules players might need help with.

Each Coach’s observation link will be in a similar format to:


During the registration for the NCL Season, go to to register as a Coach. You will then have the opportunity to purchase Game Codes for your players/students or let each player purchase their own Game Code.

Purchasing Game Codes

If you want to purchase Game Codes for each student, you can do so after registering for the NCL Season. The purchase can be made through a credit/debit card or through a Purchase Order. Note that Game Codes are non-refundable. Also, Game Codes cannot be purchased after the registration deadline.

After purchasing Game Codes, you can then share each Game Code with each student. When the student registers for the NCL Season, they can enter the Game Code instead of purchasing one.

Sharing Your Coach Observation Link

Whether you or your students purchased Game Codes, at the Coach registration link, you should see a Coach Observation Link. The link should be similar to:

Sharing this link with students will allow for you to become their Coach.

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