Cybersecurity Club Survival Guide: Lessons Learned from the First Year of a New Cybersecurity Club

John "Mako" McGill
(Fifth in a five-part series.)
We are all strangers, until we aren't. As a cybersecurity club president, Mako learned many lessons in leadership along the way—some of them too late. But the philosophers don't have to be right; history doesn't have to repeat itself. Mako's roadmap to success includes which tempting wrong turns to avoid!

Cybersecurity Club Survival Guide: How to Organize Events and Meetings, Invite Speakers, and Attract Sponsors

John "Mako" McGill
(Fourth in a five-part series.)
For every minute of a large event, there are about 30 minutes that go into planning it. Mako and CryptoKait share their master tips and tricks for maximizing time, money, and that incredible feeling of shared satisfaction enjoyed by organizers, sponsors, and attendees alike. Pro Tip: The right mindset makes all the difference!

Cybersecurity Club Survival Guide: Leadership Methodologies for Running an Effective Cybersecurity Club

John "Mako" McGill
(Third in a five-part series.)
Student leadership will come and go. Faculty leadership can see the big picture but cannot push student volunteers to do anything they don't want to do. Before pairing a faculty sponsor with a club, decide on a leadership style you'd like to foster together, to ensure longterm club survival. Mako shows you how.