Everything You Need to Know About the NCL Individual Game

You may have wondered to yourself when playing in the National Cyber League (NCL) Games, “What exactly is the NCL Individual Game?” and how does it differ from the Preseason and Team Games? Luckily, this is a very easy to answer question.

What is the Individual Game?

The Individual Game exists, much like the other Games, to test your skills against others and to improve your knowledge. Much like the Preseason Game, the Individual Game is done without the help of a coach, teammates, or other players.

How is the Individual Game different from the Preseason Game?

The Individual Game includes a lot more challenges and more categories than the Preseason Game. Where the Preseason Game only tests five areas of knowledge, the Individual Game tests nine. The Individual Game is also considered to be ranked play and the challenges are generally more difficult then those in the Preseason Game.

Can I still play in the Individual Game if I skipped the Preseason Game?

Yes, but you will be placed into the Pewter Bracket, and skipping the Preseason Game is highly discouraged. Being in the Pewter Bracket means that once the leaderboard is finalized when the Individual Game ends, you will not be ranked on the leaderboard and you will not be eligible to receive a Scouting Report for the Individual Game.

Should I play in the Individual Game if I am a noob?

Yes, you should, in fact the Player Ambassadors highly encourage it. The NCL Games are designed for players of all abilities from noob to expert. A good rule of thumb if you are concerned about how you will do in competitions like NCL is to ignore the score board and focus solely on learning and challenging yourself.

Can I ask others for help?

No you cannot, but if you are stuck on a challenge make sure to checkout the #no-answers-only-methodologies channel in the Cyber Skyline community Slack after the Individual Game is done. If you’re stuck during the Games and don’t know how to proceed, check out these tips from Hush1e‘s blog, JeanaByte‘s blog, and Taisa‘s blog.

No matter what you do, the most important thing to remember when playing in the Individual Game is to have fun and try to broaden your skills. For players who are a bit more experienced, however, the Individual Game can be a perfect time to challenge yourself against other players around your skill level. When enjoying the Individual Game, just remember to stay safe, follow the rules, and have fun!

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