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Player Ambassador, National Cyber League

Norma Depriest

Norma found her passion in the 1980s when her mom found an old TRS-80 at a yard sale as a young teenager. Bored and not overly out-doorsy, Norma checked out books from the library on how to write RGPs, and her passion blossomed from there.

At 17, Norma taught night classes for applications. In her 20s, she felt she would be better suited as a music and video producer. Unfortunately, that is highly impractical when you have five small children, and as much as she loves music, it went full circle and she came back to her first love of computers. While raising her children, her work was project-based, spanning everything from system and network administration to break-fix and migrations.

In 2017, Norma decided it was time to finish her education and she found an extreme love for cyber security. She has earned an A.S. in Information Technology, a B.A. in General Studies with a focus on Information Technology and Cybersecurity, and is working on her M.S. in Cybersecurity from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

Norma has a mere 19 grandchildren with ages ranging from two months to ten years old, and is a proud Granny who believes in leading by example and encouraging all ages to follow their passion. According to Norma, it’s never too late to do what you love in life.

Where to find her:

Twitter: @Hush1e
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