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About This Guide

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Introduction to NCL

What is the National Cyber League (NCL) and Why is it Better than a Norwegian Cruise?

Folks might say that taking a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) changed their life. Those people probably haven’t tried National Cyber League (NCL) yet. 😉 If you’d like to know more about the National Cyber League, page one of the Google search results for “NCL” won’t help much. This is where the CryptoKait blog comes in!

Benefits of the National Cyber League Games

CryptoKait identifies the four main benefits of NCL:
(1) a curriculum based on industry-recognized certifications (CompTIA Sec+ and the NIST NICE framework),
(2) availability in terms of eligibility and low cost,
(3) accessibility for players of any skill level, and
(4) a Scouting Report which top tech companies pay to see.
(Not to mention, you can compete from home in your pajamas!)

Why High School Students Should Get Started with the National Cyber League Games RIGHT NOW!

As a Lead Player Ambassador and high school student himself, wolfshirtz speaks with the utmost authority on the benefits of starting NCL early. You’ll network, build self-esteem and professional skills, and set yourself up for long-term success, all while having a blast!

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for the National Cyber League Games

This special blog post represents the combined wisdom of all the NCL Player Ambassadors, the NCL Commissioner, and the Game-makers at Cyber Skyline. What single DO and DON’T would each insider advise for your success in the NCL Games?

The Importance of the National Cyber League Scouting Report

CryptoKait felt embarrassed by how badly she ranked in her first season of NCL. Later, the improvement demonstrated season over season by her Scouting Report landed her an interview with Google. CryptoKait had used the Scouting Report as both a means to improve and a validation of that improvement. Read to find out how you can, too!

Where Can I Find Resources for the National Cyber League Games?

CryptoKait polled the NCL Player Ambassadors and the NCL Board of Directors to bring us this comprehensive list of resources—blog highlights, practice challenges, coaching resources, live shows, where to ask questions, and more!

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“Everything You Need to Know”
Guides to the NCL Games

What to Expect Your First National Cyber League Season

– A blog series for nervous newcomers.

Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room: How Not to Cheat in the NCL Games


What is the NCL Gym and How Do I Use It?

– Discover the hill that JeanaByte is willing to die on.

Everything You Need to Know About the NCL Preseason, Individual, and Team Games

– A logistical blog series.

How to Run Your NCL Preseason Recaps

– A must-do after every Game (not just the Preseason)!

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NCL Practice

Training Guides + Sample Challenges by Domain

– Try out challenges representative of what you’ll see in the Games. If you get stuck, the NCL Player Ambassadors demonstrate how to solve them!

Selected Challenges for Practice

– A set of challenges from CryptoKait’s N00bSec to Cyber-Champion Workshop.

Blog Category: Sample Challenges

– Click to find the challenges above plus a few extra that the NCL Player Ambassadors have blogged about.

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NCL Coaching Resources

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