Hi all,

I have made the decision to remove the contact form from my blog. I wanted to use this page to cover my new policy on contacting me regarding the NCL Games.

In an effort to be fair to all players, I will no longer be able to respond to individual or personalized requests regarding the NCL Games. I write a lot of content, post a lot of videos, and have more than 5000 players I try to take care of every season. It’s unfair for me to offer more support to any individual player or group. All inquiries must be answered on a public forum in via a blog post here, a public tweet, or a LIVE coaching video that can be reviewed at any time.

If you want to know more, feel free to read any of the MANY blog entries on NCL you can find here, review the content on our new LIVE COACHING platform, or watch any of the videos of me talking about the NCL games on Facebook.

If you require personalized content or sessions with myself or any of the player ambassadors, we will require a speaker or writer’s fee for all player ambassadors involved in the effort and production required to meet this request. Fees may be waived in lieu on contracted partnership models for mutual organizational benefit.

Official Media/Appearance requests can be managed through the National Cyber League via

I hope you can all understand this decision is to respect the integrity of the NCL Games. I truly give my role as Chief Player Ambassador all the effort and energy I am able to and I hope that it makes a difference to many players.