Meet MistressVenom

Assistant Chief Player Ambassador, National Cyber League

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Meredith Kasper

Meredith, a.k.a. MistressVenom, has competed in the NCL for seven consecutive seasons on the team Ken’s Little Pwnies and loved every weekend, sleepless night, and horrifying password hash.

Currently, she works full-time for Hurricane Labs as their monthly pen-test manager, Vulnerability Management Team member, and “mildly” insane Purple Teamer. She loves what she does, and loves Capture the Flag competitions, especially those geared toward learning, as that is what first interested her in the fun side of Cybersecurity.

In her free time, MistressVenom enjoys asking herself hard questions such as “If you’ve firewalled your firewall from your firewall, are you firewalling correctly or have you been firewalled?” and torturing the internet for new things to learn and people to meet. Feel free to add her on Snapchat! She has a daily cybersecurity story that is always filled with Nerf shenanigans!

Where to find her:

Twitter: @MistressVen0m
Instagram: @merakasper
Snapchat: merekas
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