Meet WebWitch

Assistant Chief Player Ambassador, National Cyber League


Known to us only by their handle, the NCL WebWitch first became interested in cybersecurity in middle school, when they learned of a feature in their school computers that allowed unauthenticated users to change arbitrary account passwords, including the administrator’s, through some command line tomfoolery. From there, they were hooked into different facets of computers and computer security.

WebWitch recently graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and are the proud co-founder of their University’s Cybersecurity Educational Club and NCL Team. After competing for six seasons in the NCL, they signed on as a player ambassador in August 2019 to host live shows and write blog content.

WebWitch is currently a security consultant working primarily in their company’s web application pen-test service line. Outside of work, they do educational talks at local hackerspaces and look for mentors to learn new and random skills from.

Where to find them:

Twitter: @NCL_WebWitch
Find all the blog posts written by them here!