Forensics: First Impression

Paul Buonopane
In contrast to domains that require well-developed technical skills, the new Forensics domain so far has been more about detective work—to the point that a technical mindset can distract from the real solution! That makes it challenging to prepare for (but won't stop Paul from trying)! Paul offers his hot take on the measurable skills you can develop in preparation for Forensics, as well as sources of inspiration for thinking outside the box.

Digging into Autopsy (Forensics)

NCL introduced the Forensics domain in Fall 2020, and it was as much a surprise to the Player Ambassadors as it was to you! Fortunately, Hush1e has been conducting cyber forensics informally since the ’90s and can give us a tour of the open-source tool known as Autopsy, which is used professionally by forensic investigators and incident responders.

Forensics… Wait What?

NCL and Cyber Skyline shocked everyone with their announcement of a new Forensics category! Hush1e has been conducting cyber forensics informally since the '90s. She speculates on what we might expect to see this Fall 2020 season and shares some tools that could help. (Disclaimer: Just like you, we don't know for sure!)