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Coach Ambassador, National Cyber League

NCL is capture-the-flag, mini-challenges, and games all rolled into one fun and stress-free competition. I have been looking for such a hands-on practical way to learn about cybersecurity for some time. The community is awesome. I have tried other CTFs, HackTheBox, vulnhub, CCDC, etc., and NCL is one of my favorites. I wish the Games were a bit longer than one weekend. 🙂

Handle: 0x600DF00D

0x600DF00D received a B.A. from a small liberal arts college after spending most of his life on an island. Later on he received his M.S. and Ph.D. He is currently an educator, researcher, consultant, administrator, and volunteer. He enjoys good food, video games, board games, and games in general. He founded the local cybersecurity club and has been active in ACM, Grace Hopper, Women in Cybersecurity, and Tapia, among others. He enjoys talking anything technology.

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0x600DF00D does not maintain a social media presence.

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