Ghidra: The NSA Reverse Engineering Tool That Will Help You Crush Enumeration and Exploitation

It's not often that a tool comes along and changes things. For wolfshirtz, that tool was Ghidra, an open-source decompiler that turns assembly language into something more human-readable. And it's not often that a blog post comes along and explains Ghidra so well! Wolfshirtz walks you through how to get started with Ghidra, his tricks for getting a feel for and maximizing its features, and his cheat sheet of top hotkeys!

Forensics… Wait What?

NCL and Cyber Skyline shocked everyone with their announcement of a new Forensics category! Hush1e has been conducting cyber forensics informally since the '90s. She speculates on what we might expect to see this Fall 2020 season and shares some tools that could help. (Disclaimer: Just like you, we don't know for sure!)