Everything You Need to Know About Preseason

If you’ve never played the National Cyber League (NCL) Games before, try out the Gymnasium first. This will give you a feel for how the Cyber Skyline platform works. After the Gym, you are ready for Preseason.

Preseason is very important. It is mandatory because it will determine which of the three brackets you’ll fall into during the Individual Game: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. For a quick run down, you can check out Cyber Skyline’s website, but for a more in-depth discussion about the brackets, come back on 10/14/2020 for WebWitch’s blog all about what the NCL Brackets mean!

Message from Taisa: Update! Find WebWitch’s blog post on Brackets here:
What Do the NCL Brackets Mean?

Those who don’t participate during Preseason will fall into the Pewter bracket, meaning that you will not be able to receive a Scouting Report at the end of the season, and you won’t be able to rank on the leaderboard.

The NCL Preseason Game gives you a full week to answer the questions. So, try at least answering one question to enjoy full participation. There are many ways you can remind yourself about Preseason like adding a date and time to your calendar to answer the questions or simply by adding an alarm on your phone.

It is imperative to understand that there is no rush to answer those questions. You’ll have a full week to do it. There is no need to abandon your studies or be late for your job. 

During the Preseason you’ll only see the category “Getting Started” alongside five challenge categories. Although you may already know the questions and feel tempted to skip them, it’s best to answer them because those points count towards your score. Every point counts when determining your bracket placement for the Individual Game.

You will get the results of which bracket you are placed in for the Individual Game a couple of days after Preseason is over.

Keep in mind that cheating is not tolerated, and Cyber Skyline will do a thorough cheating audit to determine those who cheated. But there is no need for cheating since the NCL competition is for fun and educational purposes. Those who are caught cheating will be subject to disciplinary action.

Have fun and enjoy the NCL Games!

– FiFi aka ZeroTrail

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