Summer Camp 2020 – Metadata

Fred walks us through how he would solve the Summer Camp 2020 – Open Source Intelligence challenge: Metadata.

Working on our 2020 Summer Camp Challenge – Metadata? Here’s some pro-tips.

Image metadata includes details relevant to the image itself as well as information about its production. Some metadata is generated automatically by the device capturing the image.

Various tools exist to display and manipulate Image Metadata. Exiftool is a good command line tool for extracting this kind of data, but many websites also exist to do this job for you.

Jeffrey’s Image Metadata viewer can be found at here, simply upload your file and check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box unless you are a robot of course.

Above is a partial output from the screenshot I used in the beginning once you scroll down more results are obtained.

One thought on “Summer Camp 2020 – Metadata

  1. Mickey Velilla says:


    I never got my certificates. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Mickey Velilla, Cyber Security Engineer
    Paragon Integrated Cloud and Security Solutions, Inc.
    Office 888.442.4385
    Mobile 917-957-1805
    [A picture containing clipart Description automatically generated]
    Cyber Security Tips Here!

    [A close up of a logo Description automatically generated] [cid:image008.jpg@01D623A9.00A16270] [A close up of a sign Description automatically generated] [cid:image010.png@01D623A9.00A16270]


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