CryptoKait & JeanaByte’s Sample Practice Schedule

Please Note: This schedule is designed for first year teams and coaches. It does not cover every subject. It sets a strong foundation for players to build on in their own time outside the practice. A coach’s job is not to give the players every tool they need to succeed, but rather to teach them to learn on their own.

For this schedule, we would have two practices per week and we worked backward based on the dates of when the games are active.

Week 1 – Practice A

Week 1 – Practice B

  • Recap VM’s
  • Intro to Open Source (OSINT)
    • What is Open Source?
    • Challenge Types to Look at
      • Threat Intel
      • Email Header
      • Metadata
      • Certificate Request (.csr)

Week 2 – Practice A

Week 2 – Practice B

Week 3 – Practice A

  • Recap Log Analysis
  • Intro to Password Cracking Tools
    • Cain, John the Ripper, Hashcat, etc.
  • Intro to Word Lists
    • Pre-Made Wordlists (rockyou)
    • Creating an Enumerated Wordlist (NCL-ABC-1234)
    • Created a Wordlist from a Database(ex. Pokemon)

Week 3 – Practice B

NCL Gymnasium Opens

Week 4 – Practice A

  • Automated Tools Night
    • Intro Aircrack-ng
    • Intro to Dirbuster
    • Intro to Nmap
    • Intro to WordPress Scan (wpscan)

Week 4 – Practice B

  • Last practice before Preseason
  • Go over any questions the players have.

REST DAY – No practice the few days leading up to preseason


Pre-Season Recaps

We recommend doing 2 sessions of recaps for 2 reasons:

  1. If your students have a lot of questions, you may not be able to get to all the questions in one session.
  2. Some students may not be able to make the first session, so it gives them an opportunity to asks their questions.

Weekend of INDIVIDUAL SEASON GAMES – No Practice

Postseason Prep – Can be done in 1 or 2 sessions, this is at your own discretion

  • How Team Works
  • How to Submit Answers (by Captain)
  • Answers Spreadsheet

Weekend of TEAM GAMES

  • In our experience, we did not run team game recaps since you don’t necessarily need to do a recap with people you were already working with.