How to Run Your NCL Preseason Recaps

So you’ve completed a full week of preseason and now it’s time to talk about how to exactly to go about running your recaps with your team.

Document Methods and Tools Used During the Game

Hopefully everyone wrote down the methods and tools they used to solve the challenges and any questions they have about challenges they didn’t understand, this will definitely help guide your recaps. If you didn’t do this for preseason, now you know to do it for the future (you should be doing this during the individual and team games as well).

Focus on Problem Areas

Start by finding out which challenges your team struggled with; these are the challenges you should put the majority of your focus on. You want to make sure you solidify those problem areas so the players will have more confidence going into those categories in the upcoming individual game.

Share the Knowledge

Then find volunteers among the players to share their knowledge. Let the players who are proud of what they accomplished share their knowledge with the group. Find out if someone had a different method for solving the challenge and let them share as well. Try to get everyone to share how they solved at least one challenge, this will help boost confidence among newer players who are still unsure about their skill level by reinforcing the fact that they have learned something new.

When to Recap

Schedule wise, preseason recaps should be happening at some point between the end of preseason and the beginning of the individual game. You should have plenty of time since there usually about 10 days in that span of time.

When ELSE to Recap

You should also be doing recap sessions between the end of the individual game and start of the team game and after the team game. The recap after the team game is optional depending on how big your group is; if you have enough players at your school that you have more than one team playing, we highly recommend doing the recap after the team game. While the title of this blog is “How to Run Your NCL Preseason Recaps” since we just finished preseason, this is really how you run all of your recaps.

I hope this helps give you a game plan for your upcoming recap sessions if you didn’t know where to start. If you have any other methods that have worked well for you during your recaps, feel free to let us know in the comments or on Twitter @CryptoKait, @Jeana_Byte, @MakoMcGill, and @NCL_WebWitch.

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