Why NCL at WiCyS Was So Important

CryptoKait almost withdrew from her computer science classes, due to a sense of not belonging. Her experience is not unique. Another Player Ambassador learned that the graduation rate for women in I.T. programs at her own school is just 11%, for the same reason. Two organizations in CryptoKait's early experience, though, have been influential enough to keep her and other women in the game.

A photo of Kaitlyn Bestenheider posing with a group of seven other people in attendance at DEF CON.

My First DEF CON


What do candy, power adapters, application security, beach balls, and cons-within-cons à la Inception all have in common? CryptoKait's first ever DEF CON experience taught her that nothing can prepare you for DEF CON... but that's not going to stop her from trying to prepare you for DEF CON! What to pack is just the beginning...

A photo of a television screen displaying the title, "'She Started It' – Movie Screening – Diversity & Inclusion at Bloomberg."

She Started It


"She Started It" is a documentary that tells the stories of 5 young, female entrepreneurs. It highlights the importance of representation in a male-dominated field. Attending a screening helped CryptoKait put words to a phenomenon in the tech industry: the Swiss cheese issue. What we ought to become is cheddar.