Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. CyberDEI

2020 has been a year where it seems like the world has been turned upside down. A global pandemic is only one of the many important issues that has been dominating the news over the past several months. And in this time of so much turmoil, it’s good to see efforts to make the world a better place. For me, none hit closer to home than the importance of diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity.

With a tagline of “Cybersecurity for Everyone,” CyberDEI entered the cybersecurity space yesterday at 9am PT when they announced their newly formed non-profit group that “seeks to empower everyone to learn about cybersecurity. We are committed to creating a community that fosters a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals interested in cybersecurity and to create systematic changes in the way diversity and inclusion are approached in the industry.”

CyberDEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, was founded by a Rockstar team of industry professionals, which includes a personal mentor of mine, Malia Mason, and several others who I look up to as champions for improving the industry. Discussions with the CyberDEI president have been one of the driving forces behind the new NCL Player Ambassador Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board. The CyberDEI President had this to say,

“NCL was so critical for my career as a cybersecurity engineer. It is my favorite CTF platform and I love recommending it to anyone wanting to learn what a career in cybersecurity is like. I am so thrilled CyberDEI will serve as an advisor to NCL to bring more awareness and exposure to an industry that has a severe diversity deficit. Our missions are aligned, make cybersecurity accessible to everyone.”

Malia Mason, CyberDEI President

With a focus on action-based goals that can improve opportunities for career growth for everyone, CybeDEI hopes to provide hands-on training and learning opportunities for its members in conjunction with network opportunities, mentorship, and resume workshops. The career focused Slack group has channels for community events, interview prep, job postings, mentoring, resume review, and more.

But what I appreciate most is that it’s not all business. The community Slack also has channels for memes and pets (which PrivacyPupper promises to frequent!). During a global pandemic, the focus on staying connected that this community Slack will provide is exciting to me. The group is quickly populating with many old friends and familiar faces that I know will bring unending support, enthusiasm, and mentorship (three principles my NCL Player Ambassador team strives to achieve).

So if you want to see what CyberDEI is all about and meet some of the most incredible industry pros, become a member of CyberDEI today. Join the community Slack. And sign up for their first event later this month on August 22nd at 11am PT for the CyberDEI Launch Lunch!

I look forward to seeing a long and very successful program from CyberDEI.

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