How to Include the National Cyber League Games on Your LinkedIn

One of the programs the National Cyber League (NCL) Player Ambassador Board has started is NCL on LinkedIn! I wanted to share a few quick and easy ways to put your NCL experience on your LinkedIn.

List it as Work Experience

Possible Titles: Competitor, Participant, Cyber-Athlete, Player, Team Captain, etc.

This is screen capture from my actual resume. You can use something similar on your LinkedIn.

Alternatively, this player approached it differently and attached their scouting reports! I really like this approach:

What You Can’t Do

You can’t put something that makes it appear that you work on the NCL Board, NCL Ops Team, NCL Player Ambassadors Board, etc. We want to help show your relevant work experience, but don’t abuse this. If it gets abused and is misrepresented or misleading, we will have to take this away for everyone. You’re not a Penetration Tester for NCL; you’re not an Analyst for NCL. It’s just misleading. Be honest. If you wouldn’t want a future employer to call NCL to verify the information is accurate, don’t list it.

List it Under Skills & Endorsements

Tell the NCL Player Ambassadors that you listed the “National Cyber League Games” under your skills! This is a great way to connect with other players from your school. You should all list it and endorse each other.

List it as a Project / Course / Honor & Award

You should receive a certificate of completion and a scouting report at the end of the season. This is a great place to upload those as an attachment.

Get Recommendations from your Peers

If someone on your team was the BEST at a certain category, write them a recommendation on LinkedIn and ask them to do the same. A great example might be:

Jeana was the glue that kept our team together during the National Cyber League Team Games. She was cool under pressure and helped ensure that everyone had the best opportunity to succeed. She coordinated everything smoothly so that everyone was able to collaborate efficiently. She solved some of the hardest log analysis challenges that no one else on our team was able to crack!

When you and your teammates help validate each other’s skills, it helps to build the lifelong skill of networking on LinkedIn.

Do you have recommendations?

Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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