NCL Coaching Guide – Purpose

For me, there were a few different goals when writing this guide.

First and foremost, I wanted to share the benefits of competing in cybersecurity
competitions such as the National Cyber League. It has truly shaped my education and my career to have had these experiences. I have never been to an interview where it did not come up and I know that it makes me a stronger candidate for the jobs I apply to.

Additionally, I wanted people to know that you don’t have to be an “Elite H@x0r” to
compete in your first competition. In my opinion, the National Cyber League is the
hands-down single best competition to start with if you have never competed in a
cybersecurity competition. You can read more about this under “Benefits.”

It is also my belief that taking a plunge into something new can be difficult. I wanted to
create a guide for first-time students and coaches to help them feel sure in their decision to attempt this competition. I promise that you have the ability and skill to do
well in this competition. This guide will help you to see that as well.

Lastly, I wanted to share my personal experience with some of the students who are
apprehensive. I promise that you can’t know less than I did during my first competition and I have risen through the ranks as the single worst competitor on my team to a
team captain, to a coach, and now as the Chief Player Ambassador of the National Cyber League.

My success is not uncommon. It is not the result of some birth-given talent. My success is the result of a love for what I do and a curiosity to grow in my field. If you have those two characteristics, then you will do well in the National Cyber League.

Besides, the National Cyber League Games are fun! We all deserve to have a little fun in our education.