NCL Summer Camp 2020

This is where you can find all of the challenges for the 2020 NCL Summer Camp as soon as they go live!

Open Source Intelligence

Metadata (Easy)
by Fred
Use the metadata embedded in this image to find the answers!
Opens 5/5/2020

GEO (Medium)
by MistressVenom
GEO OSINT is always fun, see if you can figure out a when and a where in this challenge!
Opens 5/12/2020

1-2-3 Words (Hard)
by WebWitch
Use your sleuthing skills to find out where the hackers are doing their super secret information drop!
Opens 5/19/2020


Numeric (Easy)
by JeanaByte
Numeric-based encryption to get you started.
Opens 5/26/2020

Crypto Onion (Hard)
by CryptoKait
The best challenges, like ogres, have layers. Try this multi-layer encryption to test yourself in all of CryptoKait’s favorite ciphers.

Log Analysis

Web Access Log (Easy)
by Paul
Analyze and extract information from a standard HTTP access log.
Opens 6/16/2020

Network Traffic Analysis

Potential Exfil (Medium)
by MistressVenom
Someone’s being sneaky! Find out the services they are using in this week’s medium network traffic analysis challenge.
Opens 6/23/2020

Password Cracking

Cracking for Coffee (Medium)
by Hush
Crack these passwords so Hush can stay in school and play next season!
Opens 6/30/2020

Web Application Exploitation

Black Mesa (Easy/Medium)
by Aaron
Sharpen your web application hacking skills with this Medium Web App Challenge. Exfiltrate the admin password to capture the flag!
Opens 7/7/2020

Enumeration & Exploitation

Reverse Engineering (Easy)
by Tristan
This final challenge is a real gem. Try to crack the code to print the winning message!
Opens 7/14/2020