Password Cracking Medium-1

Our officers have obtained password dumps storing hacker passwords. It appears that
they are all in the format: “SKY-KAIT-” followed by 4 digits. Can you crack them?

  1. c38d29e8899455c85ee03d11abbd262b
  2. ff8f9efad5c9f106ac39e5290d810c91
  3. 425206344bd204933a38236b715c498f
  4. ab37c335e51b2855cb5a11ca89041733
  5. 82dcf30f8c7c8d4f23961f7e0c1d3cee

Check your answers here. (This answer key has to be manually graded. Apologies. Upgrade coming soon.)

Kait’s Coaching Tips for this challenge can be found here.