Password Cracking Hard-1

Our officers have obtained password dumps storing hacker passwords. It appears that they are all based off of Pokémon. Can you crack them?

  1. 3546576a03c2c8229175eede8c02f891
  2. a19d7a52bff83b0e4012d2c766e2f731
  3. 5a31b6b31f92c8f797505ca26af4b9de
  4. 857875c031fce47b2d40be0ce3ffd0bf
  5. dc6054fbe36c8a2bd49b1d05b3b872ee

Check your answers here. (This answer key has to be manually graded. Apologies. Upgrade coming soon.)

Kait’s Coaching Tips for this challenge can be found here.