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The following resources are available for practicing your OSINT:

Selected Challenges


The following challenges were all taken from previous National Cyber League competitions starting in Fall 2015 or are altered versions of challenges created for NCL competitions. All credit for these challenges is due to Cyber Skyline and the associated Player Ambassadors.

For challenges which are the intellectual property of Cyber Skyline, we cannot release the answers.

Selected challenges for practicing your OSINT can be found below.

Threat Intel (Easy)
by Cyber Skyline
Answer the following questions about security issues.

Email Header (Medium)
by Cyber Skyline
We have intercepted an email sent between hackers. See what you can find out.

Metadata (Easy)
by Fred
Use the metadata embedded in this image to find the answers!

GEO (Medium)
by MistressVenom
GEO OSINT is always fun, see if you can figure out a when and a where in this challenge!

1-2-3 Words (Hard)
by WebWitch
Use your sleuthing skills to find out where the hackers are doing their super secret information drop!

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