Meet ghostinth3machine

Player Ambassador, National Cyber League

Liam Seeley

Ghostinth3machine has enjoyed computers ever since those halcyon days of C64, but he had never worked with a computer professionally except as a glorified typewriter. His original stint in college was as an English student with a love of semantics. Life happened, and he left school and has been living the blue collar life ever since, primarily as your friendly neighborhood letter carrier, as well as training other friendly neighborhood letter carriers.

Life happened more, and he found the opportunity to go back to school, picked up his A.S. in Information Technology, and he has almost completed his B.S. in Computer Science at Southern New Hampshire University. Around 2017, he decided to dip his toe into NCL and see what it was like—OMG, no regrets. 🙂 His school had a little bit of training material, but all of it was Linux-based. He figured learning a new operating system at the same time as learning security would be a bit much for some, so he started making lots of Windows-based training materials, which led to him becoming a team captain and hosting training webinars for the school. He flips between Windows and WSL and Linux just fine now, but playing entirely from Windows is just fine, too. One of his favorite screenshots he shares when training others is his Network Traffic Analysis score from his first season: 5 points.

Considering he’s now the school’s packethead, it works wonders towards showing how far you can go with what you learn in NCL.

Where to find him:

Twitter: @ghostinthemac17
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