Meet CyberRN

Player Ambassador in Training, National Cyber League

Marylyn Harris

Marylyn Harris is a Cybersecurity Student living in Houston, Texas. Nearly two years ago, she “pivoted” her Healthcare Career to include Cybersecurity.

As a Registered Nurse (RN), she has helped many patients to heal, protected their medical-related information, and kept their personal “secrets” private. As a former ARMY Nurse and a Gulf War Veteran, she kept service members physically secure, domestically and abroad, in calm and hostile environments.

Marylyn made the transition to Cybersecurity because she is a natural “fit” to work as a professional Consultant in the area of Information Security and Privacy. Having played in the NCL games in 2018 and 2019, she became a NCL Player Ambassador because she believe in the program and wants to assist others to learn about Cybersecurity and have fun in the process. Anyone can participate and glean new skills and knowledge that is applicable in your personal and professional life. Join us at the upcoming 2020 NCL Games.

Her notable accomplishments include an awesome first year in Cybersecurity with over 50 Tech Conferences attended. She presented at the Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) Conference in 2019. Her awards include Black Hat USA 2019 Scholar and Attendee, ICMCP 2019 Scholar and Attendee, Grace Hopper 2019 Scholar and Attendee, ISC2/SAIC “Cyberwarrior” 2019 Scholar, HIMSS 2020 Scholar, WiCyS 2020 Veteran Fellowship Scholar.

Her community service includes Women Veterans Business Center – Executive Director, Founder, and Women Veterans Tech Careers and Tech Business Initiative, in partnership with Microsoft, in Houston (Texas).

Marylyn is a proud member of ICMCP, Grace Hopper/, WiCyS, American Legion/Auxiliary, DAV, HIMSS, Nursing, Business and Civic Organizations.

Where to find her:

Twitter: @MsHarrland